I thought this one would be a no-brainer since my son eats broccoli. Come to think of it broccoli is probably his favorite vegetable considering how often I make it for him. When my son came and asked what I was making and I said I was making broccoli rabe he immediately made a face and said he doesn’t like that. In fact that’s what he says about everything that he’s never tasted before.

A mild tantrum ensued because I told him I was making something new so I had to come up with something, and quick! “You’ll like this because it’s broccoli’s cousin! Yeah, they’re related…”

This immediately put my son at ease and he went off to play until dinner was ready. I won’t say this was complete success but he did eat a few pieces until he said he didn’t want anymore which is better than his obligatory fake gagging whenever he tries something new. I call this a WIN for dad!

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