The Culinary Journey of a Dad and his Son

About Me

Welcome! My name is Colin, and yes I am a guy.  Before you ask, yes, guys can have a food blog.  Anyway, this website is the place where I’ll be going to kick back, relax and share great food.  Well…you tell me if it’s great because I’m a guy and we’ll eat anything…almost!

I’m a food fanatic who is always looking for new and exciting flavor combinations.  Some of my favorite things in life are experiencing new foods, cooking for my family (and see them actually enjoy it), and photography.  With a three year old I don’t really get to go out and get my photo game on anymore but then it hit me…why not marry my love for cooking and photography and share my foodie creations with you.

I also have a three year old son who is a very picky eater.  Follow me and my son on a culinary journey that, hopefully, expands his palate past the regular preschooler staples and teaches him that trying new foods can be fun, exiting, and YUMMY!

Thanks for stopping by!

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